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Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! 🙂 In case the name didn’t give it away, my name is Emma and I’m the artist behind the curtain, writer at the keyboard, owner of some of the dogs you’ll see, etc. etc.

A little background on me: I’m totally obsessed with dogs… Ask any of my friends to describe my interests in one word and dog would be it. I’m also sassy, so we’re going to do away with the professional side of things here on the blog… If you want to see the professional, spiffy, and posh side of things, well, you’ll just have to wait a bit till my official website is up.

I said I’m obsessed with dogs, right? Right. I work as a dog groomer; actively doing competition/show grooming and halfway to becoming a Natonal Certified Master Groomer.

Ok, dogs are my hobby too… I train and compete in agility, obedience, rally, conformation, flyball, drag racing, lure coursing, dock diving, barn hunt, and dabble in some nosework.

Annnnnd my dogs are my family. I have a house full of four wonderful, gorgeous, healthy, pure bred dogs. My old pug, Maggie – my first dog who I’ve grown up with (I’m 19 and she’s 13 so… We’ve got a bond that runs deeper than most). Next is the gorgeous English setter, Lucy. That girl was the one who made me realize my dreams of becoming a dog groomer. Then there’s my best buddy, Koda. He’s the handsomest sheltie you’ll ever meet – even has the multiple Best in Show ribbons to prove it. With agility skills to match his beauty, he makes everyone who meets him real jealous – I think that might be his goal, the little show off… Last but definitely not least is the princess Macey. She’s pulled me head over heels into the wonderfully kind world of English Cocker Spaniels and I don’t think there’s an escape route (who would want one???). She is my sports buddy with drive and determination like no other. Oh and did I mention her flowing locks of hair that drive every other dog into mad jealousy? Yeah, she knows she’s a model. Strut your stuff, Macey.

So what is this ‘Emma’s Best In Show’ business? Well that’s the name I thought up back in freshman year of high school and it stuck. So don’t look into it too much. Speaking of back in freshman year (February 2012, to be exact), that was when I started drawing a lot. And since I was obsessed with dogs, what do you think I drew? I starting drawing every breed there was. Then I realized that would be a never ending project throughout my entire life since new breeds are coming into existence almost every year. (And for the record, no, your schnauzacockashihdoodle is not a breed. Sorry.) So anyways, I settled for just doing the dogs recognized by the American Kennel Club – 200-ish breeds. Not that bad. I wanted to make them perfect so I used the breed standard and great champions among the breed as my models; the goal being that any of my drawings could come to life and win Best in Show at any dog show they sauntered into.

So, two years, 200 drawings, heaven knows how many pencils, and a whole lot of commitment later, the project was finished! (Except that AKC keeps recognizing new breeds and I keep going back to add more…) Signing my name on the final breed – the Finnish Lapphund -and crossing that great finish line (did you catch the pun??? Because it was very definitely intentional) December 31, 2014 was a great feeling of accomplishment.

My work has been featured in the AKC Family Dog Magazine (March/April 2013) and Midwest Living Magazine (March/April 2015). I’be also donated to several nationwide rescue organizations, participated in silent auctions, and sold prints of my artwork worldwide.

So that’s me in a nutshell!! I’m going to try to post on this blog occasionally (watch that rarely happen). Most of my updates are on Instagram (@emmasbestinshow), on Facebook (Emma’s Best In Show), or through my etsy shop ( Soon I’ll have an independent website up and running – – and will have access to all these off shooting sites through there!! Keep an eye out because that site is gonna be gorgeous!!!